We're so very proud to be able to say that we are manufactured here in the USA.

As for "our story" . . . here it is.  I'm an only child of a wonderful mother (I think I must have won the mother lottery).  She has been in the apparel contracting business for over 40 years (we own a 7,500 square foot factory in Miami).  My mom was diagnosed with colon cancer several years ago.  After surgery and chemo was over, she asked if I'd like to come work with her.  After speaking to my husband that night, we decided that I should go.  I quit my very well paying job and you could have seen skidmarks where I had stood just moments before.  After not knowing if I would be able to see my Mom for much longer and then suddenly finding myself in a position of spending time with her every day, what else could be expected?

My mom's factory was thriving.  We had work up to the rafters from a very succesful manufacturing company. After ten years of helping them grow, they decided it was time to move over seas and they took all of their work to China with them.

When that happened, I asked Mom if she wanted to close the factory and retire.  She answered, "Look around you.  What will these women do?  Where will they go and how will they live"?  By then, I too had fallen in love with the women and was broken-hearted .  So that night, I went home and spoke to my husband again.  The next day our company was born.

So, as you can see, Inside Out has a strong conviction about being made in the USA.  At the factory, we love what we do, we love each other, and we take great care and pride in our creations.  And we really are truly flattered by your interest in us.